Book Review Blog Carnival

25th Book Review Blog Carnival

The twenty fifth Book Review Blog Carnival is available for your reading pleasure at This Girl’s Bookshelf. Stop by and take a look at the 30 reviews listed. Be sure to leave a comment, even if it’s just to say hello and please link to the carnival from your own blog if you have one. Help us spread the word.


24th Book Review Blog Canival

Nathan has posted the 24th carnival in the series at Inkweaver Review. Nathan has raised the standard for carnival presentation to a whole new level. The reviews are pretty good, too.

How To Host A Blog Carnival
August 8, 2009, 2:46 am
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Want to host the Book Review Blog Carnival? Here’s how you do it.

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Most of the dull boring administrative work of running the carnival is done automatically by . If you have submitted posts to a carnival you already know what that process is like. Each time someone submits a post, sends an email to the host of the upcoming carnival, that contains all the information from the submission form. These will start coming in on the day that the carnival before yours is posted and continue coming in through the day before yours is due to go live.

As host it will be your job to read those emails and determine whether the post submitted qualifies to be a part of the Book Review Blog Carnival. It’s pretty easy to tell what qualifies. Just ask yourself, “Is this a book review?” Most submissions will fit that simple criteria. Some will be totally irrelevant and some will be promotional pieces from publishers of questionable e-books. Simply trash those off the wall and questionable submissions. Do not contact their authors.

You need to read the actual posts. The next step is to write one or two sentences describing each qualified post submitted. I recommend writing them as the submissions come in and saving them in a text editor. It’s ok to use some of the post author’s own words, but please don’t just copy and paste the boring, repetitive verbiage supplied by You are a writer after all, so write!

If the person submitting a post selects a category, it will be supplied to you, however you are free to organize your carnival in any way you see fit. Be creative in how you group the submissions. Put some art, public domain art, of course, or something original, on the post. Make it look good but also make it fit in with the general appearance of your own blog. will send you an email on the day of publication which will have every submission listed on it. Please don’t copy and paste this “instacarnival” into your blog.

Once your carnival is posted send me an email, please. I will let everyone who’s email address I have managed to save, so that they can help to publicize it. Inbound links, reciprocating the ones you are sending out, will help to bring readers to all of our blogs.

If you write book reviews on your blog and would like to be a carnival host, please email me at the address in the sidebar above. I am always looking for hosts.


23rd Book Review Blog Carnival
August 2, 2009, 3:08 pm
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The twenty third edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival has been posted at Bart’s Bookshelf. Bart has done a bang up job, even tracking down cover art for all 29 books reviewed by the carnival participants.

If you review books and would like to participate you may submit a review for the next carnival at Blog Carnival, which handles the submission process. Inkweaver Review will host the next carnival on August 16th.

New hosts are needed! If you would like to host a Book Review Blog Carnival, please email me at the address shown in the sidebar.

Catcxh 22 Carnival
July 20, 2009, 1:12 pm
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Emm MediaEmm Media Is hosting the 22nd Book Review Blog Carnival at this very moment. Submissions are a bit down, but quality is up.

Upcoming Carnival Hosts
July 11, 2009, 10:21 pm
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These blogs are hosting the Book Review Blog Carnival in the near future.

July 19th,

August 2nd,

August 16th, InkweaverReview

August 30th This Girl’s Bookshelf

September 13th Pizza’s Book Discussion

There are opportunities to host a carnival, starting with September 27th and extending indefinitely. If you would like to host a Book Review Blog Carnival, please drop me an email at the address in the sidebar.

Book Review Blog Carnival XXI
July 4, 2009, 4:52 am
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The Super Bowl of book reviews can be read at I’ll Never Forget The Day I Read A Book!.

Submit your own book reviews to the Book Review Blog Carnival at this link. If you would like to host a carnival on your own blog, please email me at the address in the side bar.