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What is a blog carnival and why do it?
September 19, 2008, 12:59 am
Filed under: Blog Carnival | Tags: , , , provides a valuable service to the blogging community. Using this website anyone who has a weblog can organize a blog carnival and will handle the most onerous parts of organizing it.

In a blog carnival, a group of bloggers who have some sort of organizing principle in common, submit posts to be included. One blog, acting as host, writes a post, on the appointed day, which includes links to all of the blog posts submitted and accepted for the carnival. This post is then a central point from which readers can go to red those posts, which all hold an interest to their readers, through that organizing principle.

In our case the organizing principle is the book review. People who like books and like to read reviews of them can come to our carnival post every other Sunday and find a wide variety of book reviews to read.

What’s in it for you? As a book reviewer, this gives you an opportunity to find a wider audience, sharing those loyal readers of book review blogs from all around the world. “How?” you ask. In order to really make a carnival work, on the day a carnival is posted, each blogger who participates must also write a post that says “I wrote a book review and it’s in a blog carnival at (link here.) That way some of your readers will click that link and go find other great book review posts to read. Conversely the readers of all those other blogs that participated, and posted a link to the carnival, will have a chance to read yours. This should result in an increase, not just in traffic, but in real readership for all the blogs that take part.

A secondary effect is the sharing of Google juice. Each post submitted will receive a link from the hosting blog, which Google, Yahoo, etal will count, in their esoteric formulae, to determine the page rank, or whatever they call it, of each blog. In addition, the hosting blog will receive links back from all the participating blogs that followed these confusing instructions.

If you review books, even on an occasional basis, on your blog, I urge you to submit a review to our carnival, by clicking on the link to and then follow up with your back linking post on the day of the carnival.


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This is my first blog carnival. I submitted a post, but I can’t seem to figure out when the carnival actually is. Do we only post about it we’re hosting or is there a certain day when everyone involved will post?

Comment by Diana

Diana, has sent me the URL of your submitted post. Since I am hosting the first carnival, I will post a link to yours, along with all the others, on my blog at this Sunday. I’ll send out an email to everyone as soon as it’s up and running.


Comment by rotus

I like the idea. I also submitted a post. I hope people are interested in the different book blogs on this site as well.

Comment by Book Calendar

Those ads on the blog carnival site are horrible. Some of pages never fully load. Are there any other blog carnival sites?

Comment by rjjrdq

rjjrdq, I find that the ads at load instantly and are unobtrusive. Does anyone else have trouble with them? Speak up, please.

Comment by rotus

Maybe its my 128 mbs.

Comment by rjjrdq

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